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15568-Studio Pro Tool Caddy 15568-Studio Pro Tool Caddy
Great for organizing, storing and transporting stained glass tools & accessories!…
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09730-Hakko Wire Tip Cleaner 09730-Hakko Wire Tip Cleaner
'Cleaner is made of flux-dipped brass wool that cleans tip without temperature drop - extends life of tip.'…
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11790-Patina Buddy 11790-Patina Buddy
Buddy: Pure brass scrubber (instructions included), Features: - Will not damage glass, - Will not break off & rus…
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09735-Hakko PasteTip Cleaning 09735-Hakko PasteTip Cleaning
Rejuvenates oxidized soldering iron tips. Helps restore tip back to useful life & will last longer. Features: &b…
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09740-Hakko Hot Iron Sock 09740-Hakko Hot Iron Sock
'Insulated, nonflammable cover allows one to transport a hot iron without worrying. Great for students. Fits most…
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11730-Value Vari Watt Iron Control 11730-Value Vari Watt Iron Control
'High quality solid state yet economical. UL listed. Has mounting brackets to attach unit to workbench or wall. …
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10950-Inland Mini Phaser Iron Control 10950-Inland Mini Phaser Iron Control
Inland.Solid state circuitry controls the flow of electricity to the iron for a constant temperature. One year warrant…
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11800-Glastar Iron Control 11800-Glastar Iron Control
This is not a rheostat or a voltage control. It is a bi-metal regulator which is more efficient (it does not waste powe…
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11759-Value Iron Stand 11759-Value Iron Stand
Sturdy black steel. Great for beginners, students & studios. Excellent value - Fits most irons.…
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11765-Studio Pro Iron Stand 11765-Studio Pro Iron Stand
'Features: - Well-balanced for stability. - Steel coiled wire cage with safety barrel prevents iron from touching …
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11720-Mika Iron Stand 11720-Mika Iron Stand
'Heat resistant bakelite ring. Solid steel construction. Weighted bottom prevents tipping. Sponge included. Fits …
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10028-Weller Iron Stand 10028-Weller Iron Stand
Stand consists of a base, designed to hold a sponge for tip cleaning, and a stainless steel spring/funnel assembly to h…
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10031-Weller Smoke Absorber 10031-Weller Smoke Absorber
'Smoke absorber removes fumes from bench tops by drawing smoke through an activated carbon filter. Powered by an ex…
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10032-Weller Smoke Absorber Rep.Filters 3pk. 10032-Weller Smoke Absorber Rep.Filters 3pk.
For the Weller Smoke Absorber #10031…
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10965-Inland Fume Trap Rep.Filters 3/pack 10965-Inland Fume Trap Rep.Filters 3/pack
For the Inland Fume Trap #10960  …
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11640-Inland Glass Station 11640-Inland Glass Station
'A 14" x 15" x 6" molded plastic organizer that keeps tools handy and organized. Retractable handle …
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11645-Inland SolderStation 11645-Inland SolderStation
Holds all of your soldering tolls & equipment in one place & ready to work. The SolderStation has these built-i…
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11740-Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block 1/4 Lb. 11740-Sal Ammoniac Tinning Block 1/4 Lb.
'Sal Brick -1/4 Lb. Solid brick of Sal-Ammoniac. Non-abrasive so will not damage when cleaning & retinning …
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11793-Metal Magic Polishing Pad 1/Pack 11793-Metal Magic Polishing Pad 1/Pack
Use: Polishing pad, Features: - Polymer particles in pad bind to metal to seal & protect project, - Cleans with s…
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11810-Glastar Tip Clnr./Tray 11810-Glastar Tip Clnr./Tray
'Tip cleaner with tray. Includes tray, skid-resistant feet & sponge. Tray is made of heat-resistant material…
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11820-Glastar Tip Clnr.Sponge Refill 11820-Glastar Tip Clnr.Sponge Refill
'Sponge Refill for Glastar Iron Tip Cleaner #11810 (shown with tray-not included), Sponge is made of cellulose wh…
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